Hi, I’m Ali Standen and I am a life, youth and parent coach as well as a teacher of psychology, mother and now ‘Glam-Ma’ for over 25 years. I have been married twice and experienced the joy and pain of family life - from sibling rivalry, toddler tantrums, teenage strife and now we are Grandparents! I have taught Psychology and helped young people and their parents for over 15 years and I am passionate about helping people be the best they can be, whether it’s being a great parent, boss, partner, or simply being happy in your own skin and living the life you dreamed of.

I have a Diploma in Personal Performance Coaching and Advanced Diploma from The Coaching Academy; I have trained with Lorraine Thomas of the Parent Coaching Academy; am a licensed practitioner in Brian Mayne’s Goal Mapping success system for adults and young people; an accredited youth coach licensed to deliver the MAGIC programme.

I use powerful ancient wisdom, NLP and modern brain based learning techniques in my workshops, one to one coaching and speaking events to inspire people to find clarity, purpose, possibilities and balance in their lives.

Whatever it is you desire, I can help you break through the barriers and make it come true for you.

So, take some time out for yourself, whether it’s attending one of our popular one day Success workshops or some one to one coaching, and live the life you truly deserve.


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